A Business Owner’s Policy is an insurance package that provides both Property and Liability Coverage at one affordable premium.

This type of policy is the most popular for both Service/Contractors and Retail Businesses. Think of it as a Homeowner’s Policy for business and you will be on the right track to understanding this type of coverage.

Our policy covers your building, your personal property, outdoor fixtures, service equipment, as well as tenants' improvements and betterment's. This coverage is provided on a replacement cost basis.

For Contractors, these policies include a limit for both Tools & Equipment, typically in the amount of $10,000 with a $2,500 limit per item built into the coverage at no additonal charge. Equipment worth more than the $2,500 limit per item should be scheduled.

This type of coverage provides loss of income you incur, not subject to limits of insurance, for damage or destruction of your building or personal property.

Your business personal property will automatically increase 25% to provide for seasonal increases.

Your building limit will be increased 2% per quarter or 8% per year to account for inflationary trends.

•Increased Business Liability Limits: We offer limits of $300,000, $500,000 , $1,000,000 and $2,000,000 per occurrence limits.

•General Liability of Additional Insured: Persons or firms leasing premises or equipment to you can be included as an additional insured.

•Exterior Grade Floor Glass: Covers damage or destruction to all exterior grade floor glass including the cost of temporary repair and breakage.

•Outdoor Signs: Covers direct physical loss of, or damage to, an outdoor sign.

•Employee Dishonesty: Covers loss of money and business personal property caused by dishonest acts of employees.

•Non-Owned and Hired Car Auto Liability: Covers claims made against you for accidents involving employees or others who use their cars for your business and cars hired by you or your employees during the course of your business.