Carolina Industrial provides extensive coverage for dealerships. Whether it be Liability or Physical Damage Coverage, we can assist in providing the most comprehensive coverage at an affordable rate.

Dealers Blanket Coverage

Dealers Blanket coverage allows physical damage coverage to vehicles in your possession. However, this coverage only applies to physical damage. For liability coverages, we add on a Garage Liability policy, and to a greater extent, Garage Keepers coverage.

Garage Liability Coverage

Garage Liability policies cover bodily injury liability, and property damage caused by garage operations. This coverage is commonplace on lots, where dealerships are looking for coverage for all cars on the lot, as well as those in repair. Keep in mind, however, there are exclusions to this coverage. Garage Keepers assists in covering this exclusion.

Garage Keepers Coverage

Garage Liability has certain exclusions, including care, custody and control of customers vehicles for repair. Garage Keepers helps cover this exclusion, providing coverage for customers’ vehicles, when they’re in your hands for repairs, storage, or servicing of vehicles. Note that this coverage may or may not have coverage for personal property inside of the vehicles. Contact us for more details on those coverages.

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