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3 years ago

Meet "Friday" Barry.....

3 years ago
Carolina Industrial

Call us for information on Workers Compensation insurance.

3 years ago
Lehigh County judge orders insurance company to shell out $900,000 for denying Allentown couple’s $15,000 stolen car claim

Mercury Insurance....

“This is what happens when insurance companies don’t do what they’re obligated to,” said the plaintiffs' attorney, Steven A. Bergstein of Allentown. “The message is very clear, that ... See more

3 years ago
Lindberg gets more than 7 years for trying to bribe elected official; says he’ll appeal

North Carolina “OBVIOUSLY” has an Excellent Insurance Commisioner in Mike Causey!

** Please don’t forget this man when you go to vote In a few weeks

The billionaire businessman offered $2 million in campaign contributions to Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey if he removed a troublesome regulator. Causey went to the FBI instead. Now Lindberg is ... See more

3 years ago
Carolina Industrial Agency Earns Sixth City Beat News Spectrum Award for Customer Satisfaction

Independent insurance agency wins six straight Spectrum Awards for outstanding customer satisfaction.

3 years ago

It’s up to you to figure out which side that actually is....

3 years ago
City Beat News - Award Winner

***Carolina Industrial wins the award for agencies in 2020!

CAROLINA INDUSTRIAL AGENCY, INC. has won the coveted Spectrum Award for excellence in customer service! This award has been presented to CAROLINA INDUSTRIAL AGENCY, INC. by CityBeatNews.com

3 years ago
Erasing the Stigma: Ending the Opioid Epidemic

The Hartford Insurance Company And Ending The Opioid Epidemic....

Erasing the Stigma: Ending the Opioid Epidemic.

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