Garagekeeper’s Coverage is most easily understood by comparing it to the Comprehensive and Collision Coverages for your own vehicles. The coverage comes in two portions -yep, you guessed it- Comprehensive and Collision. The Comprehensive portion will cover virtually any type of damage other than Collision or Upset. The Collision portion covers collision with another vehicle or upset—meaning overturning.

The coverage can be purchased with a selected level of deductibles and a selected level or limit of coverage. For example, if you do work mainly on high-end vehicles and you typically have four cars on your premises @ $50,000 per car on average you would then be wise to purchase a limit of $ 200,000 for all customers’ vehicles in your possession.

While your General Liability or Garage Liability policy is designed to cover your liability for bodily injury or property damage caused by you or your employees, it excludes coverage for damage to any property of others’ in your “care, custody, or control.” This means that the basic General or Garage Liability policy would not cover damage to a customer’s vehicle while it is in your care or while you are working on it. Including Garagekeeper’s Insurance will help cover this exposure.


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