Has an accident has happened at Your Office or Job Site? Maybe a sign fell and damaged a Car? Maybe someone slipped and fell? This will give you a guide for those next steps.


1. Get All Of The Information That You Can

What exactly happened? Was anyone injured? Was Property Damaged in any way? Write down everything that you can. If someones property was damaged, take down their information. If someone was injured, get their information. Take Pictures, and keep all documentation. Do what you can to preserve affected property from additional damage.

2. Contact Carolina Industrial

Once you have all information available, you can submit a claim online, or Contact Us if you had additional questions at that moment. We will reach back out to you, to confirm if it is covered, and to give you a recommended next course of action.

3. Adjuster 

Once the claim is submitted, an adjuster may come out to the site of the incident, to determine if the insured was at-fault, and the amount of damages the claimant is entitled to.

4. Payout

Once the adjuster has determined the amount of damages that the claimant is entitled to, the claimant will receive a payout for damages. At this point, repairs may begin.