Did you know that 1 in 20 Homes file a claim each year? Homeowners insurance is advantageous, protecting you and your assets. What process would I need to follow in the event that I need to make a claim? Carolina Industrial will be there to walk you through the claim from start to finish.


1. Get Documentation

Proper documentation would include a description of the damages, and any photographs you may have. If your home was burglarized, or vandalized, you will want to first file a Police Report. Police Reports are not required, but they do help speed along the process. Take steps to protect your affected property from additional damage.

2.  Contact Carolina Industrial

Reach out to us. You can Call us, or even fill out our handy claims form online. Just inform us of the incident, (provide photos and/or details if possible), and we can file the claim on your behalf.

3.  Prepare for the Adjuster

Occasionally, an adjuster will need to come out to assess the damage. The adjuster will do a detailed inspection, and will ask for a statement from the policyholder.

4. Shop Around For Estimates

Get estimates from roofers, repairmen, and contractors. This will give you leverage when the time comes to receive the payout.

5. Claim Payment

Your claim will be processed, and repairs can begin on your home.