Every state requires that minors will be covered under Workers Compensation, the same as every other employee. In addition, most states will provide the minor with additional workers compensation protection & benefits, over the standard adult employee.
Additional Minor Protections:


Employers who employ minors illegally This would come into play for the 15 year old employee who doesn’t have a work permit, or the minor working more than the total allowed number of weeks (based on employment laws in the state).

Most of the states have special benefit provisions in their workers comp statutes to protect minors who have an on-the-job injury. A guardian may be required for the settlement of permanent partial disability or permanent total disability claims in North Carolina and South Carolina.

South Carolina also requires all settlements with minors to be approved by their state work comp board, industrial commission or court system.


These protections are provided to minors to prevent exploitation. Companies who employ legally have little to fear from a workers comp standpoint.