At Carolina Industrial, we strive to provide our clients with the finest Insurance Policies, Advice, and Service.

We realize that it isn’t just who you purchase your insurance from, but who will be present to give you help and advice in times of need.


Why Choose Carolina Industrial?

Expert Advice

You’ll talk to a real person, who lives in your community. Not someone in a call center across the Country, who’s end goal is to get you off the phone as quickly as possible.

We give straight-up, honest advice. What do I do in a car accident? Do I file a claim for this? Those types of questions, as simple as they sound, can have a variety of different answers depending on your situation. No Client is cookie-cutter.

Quality Coverage

As an Agency, we are able to choose from our 10+ Carriers, to find the leading coverage, at the best price. We aren’t limited to one choice. It empowers us with the most dynamic offerings on the market.

Exquisite Service

We are geared towards our clients, whether it be payment, mortgage clauses, or even a Certificate of Insurance. Someone is ready to assist, whether it be over email, or over the phone.

    Free Certificates of Insurance

    As long as we have a 24 hour notice, we do not charge for Certificates of Insurance. We understand that they are the life-blood of thousands of businesses, and we feel that it isn’t right to take advantage of that.