The Professional Service Sector has seen a large influx of Providers in the last few years. Many professionals are now required to carry their own Business Coverage, even if they operate as Independent Contractors. This sometimes creates problems for the professional since he or she is required to carry coverage comparable to that carried by larger firms.

Carolina Industrial can help. We have successfully placed coverage for a variety of professionals in this quandary, even helping to eliminate some of the requirements urged by the professional’s job source.

We can put together a package of Coverages that meets Contractual Requirements and then combine them into one LOW MONTHLY PAYMENT, which will leave your budget intact.

Carolina Industrial has helped to insure Accounting Specialists, Architects, Business Consultants, Engineers, Inspection and Appraisal, Software and Programming Specialists.

General Liability Coverage is designed to cover bodily injury or property damage to other persons or businesses as a result of your operations. Normally triggered from either an injury sustained on your business premises or as a result of your business operations or products where a loss occurs, this type of policy will typically pay for both damages to the claimant and the cost to hire an attorney for you.

Professional Liability Insurance or Errors & Omissions (E&O) Coverage protects your company from lawsuits or claims if your customer holds you responsible for errors or mistakes, or the failure of your work to perform as promised in your contract. Coverage usually includes both litigation costs and any damages awarded by the court up to the coverage limits on your policy. This coverage is most commonly associated with doctors and other healthcare providers; however, there are many occupations where this coverage would be more appropriate than General Liability.

Exposure to catastrophic liability losses is no longer limited to large corporations or to the wealthy. The willingness of the public to sue has increased the number of lawsuits and the size of judgments awarded.

What's more, many Commercial Automobile, General Liability, and Employer's Liability limits are not sufficient to cover some of the court awards made today. Frequently, this coverage is becoming more and more of a requirement for businesses performing work as a sub-contractor on behalf of a larger firm.

Commercial Umbrella Protection makes your Business More Secure.

A Commercial Umbrella Policy protects your business against these uncertainties with three kinds of coverage: Liability Insurance that adds to the limits of your Automobile, General Liability, and Employer's Liability Coverage for unknown or unexpected exposures excluded in many standard underlying coverage programs. The policy will give you details about exclusions.

This type of policy also provides coverage for the cost of your legal defense, including court costs, interest on judgments and premiums on necessary bonds.

Coverage under the Commercial Umbrella Policy is written in increments of one million dollars and supplements your present policies to provide broad liability protection.

Your coverage includes a self-insured retention (or deductible) of $10,000 that you agree to absorb before the Commercial Umbrella would apply in the rare occasion of a loss not covered by any other liability policy.

Workers' Compensation Coverage provides employers and employees with medical care, death benefits, and lost wages for work related injuries and illnesses, normally to the first dollar.

The cost for Workers’ Compensation Coverage is based upon how much employees are paid on a per $100 basis. In other words, if you have a clerical office you can expect to pay .38 to .42 cents per $100 of payroll. Another easy way to figure the cost is to divide your total yearly payroll by $100, then multiply the answer by the given Workers’ Compensation rate.

There are certain exceptions to this rule: Sole Proprietor, Corporate Officers, and Members of a Limited Liability Company.


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