Tools and Equipment Coverage is a very important element of a successful insurance program. Did you know that if your equipment is off of your designated premises it is not normally covered under your Business Contents Coverage? This is a simple way to cover it. Check out the coverage options below:


This coverage will insure your larger equipment such as tractors, bobcats, loaders, etc. The equipment is listed on your policy with a serial number and a value. Deductibles range from $250 to $ 2,500.

This policy will cover material or items that you intend to install on a customer's premises. For example, a Heating and Air Contractor has possession of a Heat-pump that is to be installed at a customer's home. Coverage is normally purchased in increments of $10,000.

These are the most common of Inland Marine coverages you can purchase. There are many forms of coverage available. Many policies, such as a Business Owner’s Policy will include various limits for all of the above coverage forms automatically (at no additional charge).


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